My most realistic days include working my full-time job, blogging, Stella & Dotting, being a fur mom, catching up on shows and making dinner…

  • I have four alarms, and yes I realize the times are a bit quirky: 501a, 540a, 544a, 549a.  If I decide to get my butt up at the 501a alarm, I will do a quick 20 minute workout.  If I am feeling too tired from staying up to watch the Bachelor the night before, I will most likely get up around the time of the second alarm blaring.
  • Once up, I get ready for work, which takes me about 20 minutes…30 minutes if I shower in the morning (I am a night-time shower person unless I workout in the morning) – and then I am out the door.  This time includes washing my face, brushing my teeth, getting dressed, doing my hair and face, snuggling the dogs up, and make my breakfast smoothie.
  • Since I meal prep the night before, I just through my food in my lunch sack for the day, grab my water jug and I’m off!
  • Thanks to my 10 – 13 minute commute, I enjoy my quick jam session on my way into work.
  • Every morning, after I park, I feel like I am the ‘bag-lady’ as I carry my purse, laptop bag and lunch into work…
  • As soon as I walk into my office door, it is anywhere between 615a – 630a
  • Once inside the office, I turn on my work computer, put my food in the fridge, listen to voicemails’ and most importantly…make my coffee.  (black with no cream or sugar)
  • With busy work days, a nice 15 minute stretch break is appreciated or instead of taking a lunch, my co-worker and I will do a quick yoga video (thank you Yoga with Adriene)
  • If so, after a nice break, I will eat my lunch while checking and responding to emails
  • 430p I leave work and head home for the night (making any stops on the way…grocery store, Target run or to purchase wine :))
  • Once home, depending on if I am the first one home…
    • Let the dogs out
    • Feed the dogs
    • Open any packages that I have!
    • Change
    • Blog and/or Stella & Dot
    • Start on Dinner
    • Yoga or quick workout
    • Shower
    • Finally sit down and catch up on a show or read a book
  • Considered a grandma for my early bedtime; I am in bed anywhere from 8-830p…except for Monday nights where I am in bed after 1030p because of the Bachelor!

And then I do it all over again…