Welcome Sign (and it’s versatile!)

Welcome Sign (and it’s versatile!)

The front porch has been looking lonely this winter/early spring as the Christmas decorations have been put away for the year and until the Spring floral bunch is purchased, the front door doesn’t look too welcoming.  Last year I had a wood sign that said ‘welcome’ in which I hand painted and sprayed for the four seasons we get here in Michigan.  Almost lasting a year, the paint slowly started to chip due to rain and snow so it was time to toss that project.

Now that I have the Cricut machine, I thought that having vinyl may last longer instead of the paint and decided to jump into a new project for the front porch, and that works for all seasons!

What you will need:

  • Wood Slab (I got two separate ones since my Mom said she wanted one for Mother’s day after I purchased the first)
    • on the left; was purchased at Menards for around $9 and was already precut
    • on the right; Lowes precut wood for around $15
  • Wood stain (I chose a deeper, almost black stain)
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Cloth for Staining (or paint brush if you prefer)
  • Cricut Machine
  • Cricut Vinyl, off-white
  • Clear Protective Seal (not a spray)
  • Paint Brush (preferably not cheap as you don’t want the bristles falling out!)

(the board on the right took the stain a lot better than the left – clearly they are two different types of wood; I just can’t remember the names!)


  1. Create your image in Design Space (I had a precut, wood letter that I used to help determine the size of each individual letter)
  2. Mount your vinyl into the Cricut and begin cutting
  3. Once cut, remove the negative space of each letter and mount with transfer tape
  4. ***I advise that you measure out before mounting the vinyl***

Once the ‘Welcome’ side was done, thank you to Pinterest, I saw another board I liked and thought, well, what the heck…why not make these versatile!


From here, I did the same as the ‘Welcome’ side – making sure to leave space where the O would be.  Then I sealed each side with a protective coat, so snow/rain/heat would not effect it.  Then…the floral wreath comes into play!

What you will need:

  • Wire Wreath Frame (I tired to find an already designed wreath, but had no luck – so here’s to my own wreath DIY) $0.99
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Flowers and Leaves
  • Wine…of course!!!!

Once you design your floral wreath, you will then need two (2) screw hooks; this will hold your wreath and make it sturdy in a gust of wind!  You will need to measure the wreath and screw one on top and bottom – this will really hold the wreath in place.

Ta-Da!  There you have it!!!  I love my front porch…..now if the weather cooperated so I could enjoy it more!






Why do we continue to fill our constant emotional wave for the Royal family?  We get up at the crack of dawn to watch royal nuptials, or better yet, pull an all-nighter like when we were back in our college days of cramming for mid-terms.  The world has become enamored with time-old traditions – can you say glorious fanfare?  So why do we bring on dark circles and never-ending yawning, let me tell you why…the horse drawn carriage rides, the diamonds, the tiaras, the bridal party, the fashion, and the plain out real-life fairy tale.  This time around….the last single Royal – no more!

Admit it, we are all fascinated with Royal weddings – it’s true, they are beyond our expectations and realistically, out of our budget.  Not sure if Amazon Prime could ship me a Gold State Coach, along with the eight horses needed – oh and let me just place a personal call to Sarah Burton, to go over the latest wedding dress sketches.  Did I mention this is a real-life fairy tale!?

Sure we all love a great wedding, from the dresses to the dancing, to the cake and the friendly conversations, but why are we so poised to drooling on our couch, egg benedicts served warm and champagne chilling, to witness the union of the oh very so attractive Royal couples say I do?  For starters, at a young age, Princess Fairy tales are drilled into our brains leaving us to believe this is the ultimate achievement in love – thanks Mom and Dad!  Sadly, we later find out what a disappointment the purpose of our Princess Barbie’s and movies served.  Come on now, even Pocahontas actually found a real-life prince!

I am one of the consumed, preoccupied and controlling individuals completely and utterly obsessed with the Royals.  So yes…I will treat this weekend as it was almost like I had been invited to the Royal nuptials and until Sparkle Markle walks down the aisle in her unlimited budget wedding gown and questionable length in train and the pondering idea of whether she will wear a tiara or not, I will repeat endless stories in anticipation of the nuptials…Royal Wedding take 2!

The TV will be streaming live, my fabulous fascinator secured and a bottle or two of champagne will be chilling.  There is no better way to properly celebrate ‘When Harry Met Meghan’s” Royal Wedding – unless I decided to empty my bank account, purchase a ticket, fly across the world and crash their wedding…double points for snapping a selfie with the Queen.  So for now, my couch and plastic tiara will do.

Not sure if you are consumed with belief when it comes to this fancy family?  Well, if you already knew the facts below, I hope your DVR is set to 7a on Saturday morning, or better yet, you have a Royal themed party calling your name!

  • Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their third child, Louis, who joins older siblings George and Charlotte
  • Prince Louis will not be attending is Uncle Harry’s wedding
  • Meghan Markle is not only an American, but African American and a divorcee
  • Meghan will be in attendance to her own wedding
  • Her father on the other hand, will not…

With all the pomp and tradition, the Royal Family will endlessly fascinate me and I will continue to learn and often live my life through them…

My real question is….do you think the Queen partakes in the Cupid Shuffle, or better yet, the Chicken Dance??



Told you I was obsessed…when I can’t be Kate…I act and dress like her! <3


Mother’s Day Tradition

Mother’s Day Tradition

The bags are packed with the comfy necessities of leggings, slippers and sweatshirts; the countless bottles of wine is chilling in the cooler and the car is filled with gas as we set off for our traditional Mother’s Day/Girls Weekend!

Getting everyone together is no small act and choosing a weekend is like assembling a complex puzzle, so my family has made this annual getaway easy by selecting Mother’s Day as our all-women weekend getaway (sorry gentlemen).  Where air-boats dock, ducks quack and the mud meets, this weekend is not just a getaway but a reality check with the people who know us best.  Perfectly complemented with selfish and indulgent purposes.

Once you reach the scenic drive of windmills and dirt roads, you know your breather from work and reality is in the final stretch.  Responsibility is left back at home and the red solo cups are rinsed out for another weekend use of grandma playing beer-pong.  A puzzle box is propped out as 500 unmatched pieces are awaiting their position.  And don’t forget to ring the bell for a shot…or two!

During this weekend, it is acceptable to not change out of leggings, drink too much and don’t act your age.  Golf-carts become a tradition and wine is a necessity.  We run out of gas, cry as we reminisce and laugh so hard until the moms of the group have their post-baby bladders fail them.

Somewhere between smiles and tears, we adults act as young as we most possibly can.  Mother’s Day weekend allows us to escape our daily lives at home where 5am alarm clocks are on repeat and everyday excuses to workout somehow seem really important.  Hanging out with the people you love the most makes you forget about responsibility and you can laugh until your belly hurts.

Retelling old stories that still continue to bring back great memories will be shared around the dining room table, counting the most ridiculous things we have done, even if it means hearing the dirty laundry of your favorite uncle and admitting the things we really shouldn’t be confessing out loud has become a female, family tradition.

Cheers to another weekend getaway with the females who make it possible!  This wouldn’t even be possible without G-Mom!









Mom, Thank You…

Mom, Thank You…

Thank you for allowing the possibilities that might not have been there before.  While this post is not to dwell on the past, we all know it and can’t forget it, let’s focus on the present, as we continue to keep this Mother and Daughter promise alive.
Growing up, I had a less than ideal family relationship.  We all have our own stories and although my mother at the time tried to bridge the gap between us, I just was not ready.  Years later, you would have never known this to be true.
No one has the perfect mom, and if someone out there claims to have one, then maybe their mom can share their secrets because there is no manual presented from the moment a mother lays their eyes on their first born.  So, how do we sum up in words our appreciation for the women in our life that gave birth to us?  Here’s a start…


Playing so many roles in my life; nurse, taxi driver, therapist, chef and maid…to me, you are more than a mom; you are a friend, and that’s still an understatement.  To say a mother is your first friend may, at the time and during childhood seem like a joke, but with each day, I feel so blessed for the bond we share today.  You cleaned my scraped knees, you shuttled us from school and back, and even fainted alongside with me when I had to get a shot. 

You constantly want to know, to learn and to be more.  You never think, ‘well, maybe I am too old for that.’ And there is something so exemplary about not letting yourself settle for what you already know.  You truly have defined that it is never too late to achieve your dreams.

From an early age, you drilled into our minds the importance of education.  And although I often held a grudge towards you for this unyielding push, I can now relate into the deeper meaning.  Because of you, your desire to teach and these invaluable lessons, I am, and always will be a nerd that wishes alongside you, to be a forever student. 

Will.I.Am sings it loud and clear and although I do not fall short of ‘getting it from my mama,’ I can’t argue the fact she is indeed my mother (or older sister if you guessed).  There is no denying the connection as I have developed most of her features aside from the thick hair and I pray that I don’t have an angry ass one day – I am my mother’s daughter.

Aside from the big boobs and our love for reading; thank you for teaching me…

  • to appreciate teachers, it is not an easy job, especially when you were mine growing up. Teachers put in a lot of time, energy and commitment so show teachers you are thankful
  • to care about the right things and don’t dwell on things you can’t fix and people you can’t change
  • to have a sense of responsibility and purse my education
  • to have an opinion
  • to overcome difficulties – the world isn’t easy
  • to use my talents and to recognize my gifts, whenever possible
  • to treasure my independence and be my own happiness
  • to LET IT GO
  • to be confident
  • to believe, that everything happens for a reason
  • to ask myself, ‘will it matter 100 years from now?’
  • to believe in myself

Everything I am, you helped me to be.

Thank you Mom <3

Review: Wine Subscriptions

Review: Wine Subscriptions

For Lent, (yes, my Catholic upbringing has allowed me to indulge in Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Good Friday!) instead of giving up the usual, Pop, Sugar and eating in-between meals, I gave up wine…for the second time!  And let me tell you, 40 days later called for a monthly wine subscription, and not just one…but THREE!

Here are my reviews from Winc, Vine Oh and Glassful!

40 days of Lent calls for three wine subscriptions!


First of all, is this not adorable!  Not only did I get three bottles of wine and the cutest wine glass (see below) but I got a box full of goodies!  Vine Oh! really did it this time and I can’t wait to purchase again!  The gifts inside were just the icing on the cake!

What’s Inside!!

  • Violet + Brooks Claire Azure Earring Set – gorgeous crystal earrings!!!
  • Mirabella Glisten Eyeshadow Collection – love these shimmery colors!
  • Manna Vogue 25oz. Stainless Steel Bottle – this blue and magenta color is adorable and literally keeps my water cold all day long!
  • Sweet Dreams Eye Pillow – smells heavenly!
  • Brix Chocolate for Wine 3oz. Chocolate Bar – yummmm!!
  • Sauvignon Blanc – Speechless
  • California Merlot – Speechless
  • New Crush Red Wine Blend

Not to mention, I also received Special Offers from these featured companies!!!  Can’t wait to splurge a little more 🙂


Winc had four bottles of wine included!!

What’s Inside!!

  • Chop Shop Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Pacificana Chardonnay
  • Funk Zone White Wine Blend
  • Pas Ordinaire Red Wine



What’s Inside!!

  • Chateau De Ribebon – Bordeaux
  • Parnell Estate – Reserve Red Table Wine
  • Ca’ Di Rajo – Pinot Grigio

Each Glassful package not only comes with three bottles of wine, but a special gift as well!  Unfortunately, I did not have a unique gift included 🙁