The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot

I have many things to be thankful for and the list just keeps growing!  The past couple of months have honestly hit me like a ton of bricks.  From writing a children’s book to what I thought was just a college assignment has turned into a 2 year journey of positive feedback, negative comments and envelops of regrets.

Let me backtrack for a second.  As I was finishing up the last final courses in my college career, I found myself enrolled in writing for children….why?  Because why not!?  It sounded interesting and I thought that the passing grade would be simple to earn.  The one and only main assignment was writing a children’s book – having the final exam be the completed and approved manuscript.  Simple…I got this in the bag I thought!

Of course I found this assignment easy but I also appreciated the fact I got a front-seat look back into my childhood since I decided to write a children’s picture book on one of my most cherished moments growing up…going to my grandmother’s house.

Have you ever visited your grandparent’s house as a child and had endless possibilities?  Treasure chests full of odds and ends and an escape to let your little brains play pretend?  There I was, a young (and curious) little girl who would go to my grandmother’s house in the summer while mom went to work.  For me, my grandmother’s craft room was a magical place – so why not turn this into a fun children’s book for children to enjoy all over the world?

I may have hit backspace more than a handful of times but I completed my manuscript, turned in my last assignment and passed writing for children with flying colors.  But the road didn’t just stop there as I intended.  Nope – not even close.  With frequent communication from my college professor, she advised me that I had potential and a great story on my hands.  Meaning – ‘get your butt into gear and send this manuscript out to publishing companies for consideration.’

I’M SORRY…WHAT!?!  Meaghan…a children’s author?  No Way!  This is crazy!  Right?  The many thoughts that would go through a person’s head when they didn’t have the lifelong dream of becoming an author.

Long story short and after many ‘I’m sorry, this story is not what we are looking for’ later…I have signed with a publishing company and have a release date of early 2019!  The past two months were hard and very scary with financing and partnering with legal to go over contracts, but I found a way and here we are!

I mean…this is just crazy and it is still hard to wrap my head around.  Me…a published author!?  And a children’s author at that!?  One little click of enrolling myself into a college course has forever changed my life.

The two years leading up to this point were exhausting.  From sending out my manuscript three different rounds and getting many push-backs, I thought I was never going to see the light at the end of the tunnel…but with many prayers and never throwing in the towel…I received not one, but five potential companies to publish my book.

In this long journey, all I can say is that prayer is a magical thing and one should never give up.  Although becoming an author was never on my bucket list (until now) I still went with the opportunity because why not!?  This is a major accomplishment and I could not be more proud of myself for getting here.  And most importantly, I cannot wait to share this with my grandmother because without her, the inspiration for this story would have never been made.

In a world mixed with love and hate and many ups and downs…be a Pineapple, Stand Tall, Wear a Crown and Stay Sweet!!  And remember to be sweet, be kind and love hard.



I Never Sing in the Shower, it’s Dangerous

I Never Sing in the Shower, it’s Dangerous

We all have a shower routine and some of us may use the same products religiously, or you can be like me and you are always trying to stay on top of the most favorite, most raved and top notch beauty products out there.  Luckily, I have used some products for some time now that I won’t be switching out of my routine for something else.  However, I can’t help it when I walk down the shampoo isle and a brightly packaged bottle is starring me in the face and once the top is popped, I immediately have to have it because I know my pillow will smell like this scent foreverrrrrrr!!


My Shower Routine:

  • Immediately wash my face with Cetaphil – I like to do this first as I let it sit on my face to really get a deep clean!  Every other day, I will use my Solo Mio Facial Brush (dupe on Amazon) to really clean my face and pores
  • After a number of plastic shampoo bottles later, I believe to have found the shampoo and conditioner I can’t live without – how adorable too!  Love Beauty and Planet – this coconut scent is amazing; however, their other products smell just as good too!
  • Once in a great while, I will add a hair mask to my shower routine as well.  This Redken Soft Mega was recommended by my cousin and I have fallen in love with not only the smell but the way my hair feels after…and for days!!!  These hair masks need to be added into my routine more often, especially when you have hair like mine…
  • Once I cleanse my entire body with Dove – another recommendation from my dermatologist – I then go in to exfoliate with the Dove Exfoliating Scrub – only downfall, there are little beads on the shower floor – oops!
  • Rinse my face from my cleanser and then I am good to go!


Summer is Here…and I really hope it is here for awhile!

Summer is Here…and I really hope it is here for awhile!

I welcome you with open arms to the longest day of the year, the launch of summer – a day superbly worth glorifying the beautiful sunsets and extended nightfall.  Long weekends may be planned ahead of time or the next day, reality may set in for many.

Summer in Michigan is another reminder of the definition of our stellar seasons.  Of course the world’s year is divided in the same pattern; yet, the seasons vary from where your location is on the map.  Summer in Michigan begins on June 21st, while the first day of autumn is September 22nd.  Thank you to Memorial Weekend for bringing in the summer and Labor Day for ending summer with eventful backyard parties, memories made on the lake and sweeping amounts of food consumed.  Respectively, this is how I like to define my summer.

Let’s forget about the lingering cold and the fact that the longer days will soon pass us until next year.  I want to sweat as much as I possibly can in August before I freeze during the coldest month in February.

Now enough of my rambling, I am going to head to the beach!


What I’ve Learned From Dad

What I’ve Learned From Dad

First of all, I want to wish the most important man in my life, my dad, a very Happy Father’s Day!!
There is no other like my earring wearing, NASCAR guru, and mullet representing Dad.  Everyone has that certain person in their life that helped shape them, and for me, one of those special people would be my Dad.
My dad taught me that you can indeed juggle multiple things at once as he was not just taking on the role of a single and full-time parent, but he also continued to take on small outside jobs to stay busy and provide.  His work ethic is one to mimic and I am glad I came from a family of little and was taught at an early age the meaning of hard-work.
There is no parent handbook, especially for your first born – or your second, third, fourth or fifth child.  But I think my Dad did a damn good job at raising all of us and he continues to share his golden nuggets of common sense every single day.  Thanks to him, I am pretty sure I can do notice more car related issues than most men… 😉
I feel fortunate and blessed to have a Dad who not only taught me right from wrong, but also continues to love me unconditionally, every single day.


Thank you for being my biggest supporter.  Because it is your day to be celebrated, I am paying tribute to the life lessons that you have taught me.  Thank you for teaching me…

  • To be content with little
  • To be quick to help others
  • To concern my life with more than just money
  • To forgive quickly
  • To overcome difficulties
  • To remain honest with myself, and others
  • To work hard and purse success
  • To always treat everyone the same
  • To pray
  • To remain creative
  • To not take life so seriously
  • To stand up for what I believe in
  • To remember, no one is perfect
  • To hold the door open for people
  • To have manners
  • The importance of saying I love you. When growing up, you always told us you loved us each and every single day, even multiple times a day.  When we left for school, on the napkin in our packed school lunch, before we hung up the phone and when we went to bed – there is no better feeling in this world!

Love you Dad,


Bachelor Mondays’ are BACK!

Bachelor Mondays’ are BACK!

Consider this rose as your invitation to our reoccurring Monday night viewing party of the Bachelor/Bachelorette complete with rose’, food (themed to the location of each episode) and good company!  Yes, you heard correctly, my guilt-free Monday’s are back!!

Don’t be timid by our sarcastic views and brutal opinions – I am sure we aren’t the only ones.

Why is it that when Chris Harrison is due back to host this cultural phenomenon, I remain hopelessly and unfortunately trapped, over love, tacky dresses and horrible first impressions?  And let’s not forget about the spin-offs!

It’s not hard to become hooked on a group of contestants, knee-deep in alcohol induced tears fighting for their dream proposal.  And of course this is the farthest from reality, but the show does well at framing romantic attachment portrayed as a fairy tale.  Limo tears, thriving careers, or careers that we have never even heard of…in such a very strange way, is very captivating.  I think it is safe to say that while watching the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, you feel good about yourself and you are reminded that you would never go to such lengths to impress a lovey-dovey possibility…or would you??

Mondays’ can be exhausting, I mean come on, they follow the weekend and the first day back to work is always the hardest and longest.  BUT, know the Bachelor always has your back.  Whether you had a bad day at work or just need a good laugh.  There is always something enjoyable about watching two people ‘find love,’ – even if you think their journey was complete bullshit and you know it won’t last.

While it is always fun to watch the uber-corny, passion-laden dates unfold on television, the reality of writing stand-up comedy, comparing who’s been a virgin longer, debating over an onion or pomegranate or staring at one another in an empty museum when a practical singer walks in nonchalantly, sounds way more uncomfortable than anything, especially while being filmed!  I am proud I never met a romantic partner by riding on a beach, side by side on a white horse or even worse, getting dumped while standing in the middle of a desert…and watching my ex take off in a helicopter…leaving me stranded.

I take my Mondays very solemnly…a distraction from my daily life, logic to respect my real, flawed relationship and an excuse to drink wine on a Monday night.

The Bachelor vs. Reality (and what I have learned)

  • The Roses: Girls love to receive flowers and even better, unexpectedly.  Especially roses, which are frequently overpriced…and on the show, you get them for free…if you stand a chance with the potential suitor!
    • Reality Check #1. If you want flowers, you might want to just go buy them yourself
  • Clink Clink:
    • Reality Check #2. No one can clink a glass better than Chris Harrison…trust me, I have tried, multiple times at every wedding I have attended…what is his secret??
  • Filming: Rose ceremonies can last well into the morning so my question is, does the show pass out 5 hour energy shots?
    • Reality Check #3. Because I would be napping in the corner like Corinne Olympios
  • Timeline: Love may take years; however, if you are a contestant on the Bachelor…you are in luck!
    • Reality Check #4. This fairy-tale is a 12-week competition, complete with white wine and tears!
  • True Love: Haven’t you ever heard of ‘great love is best not rushed…’
    • Reality Check #5. In what world would 25 random girls fall madly in love with one dopey dude…in 12 weeks
  • Application Process: I did it – I completed the 50+ application, sent in pictures, went to the auditioning, was fed drinks and interviewed
    • Reality Check #6. The process is intense, lasts months, involves many contracts…but I never made it that far!!
  • The Ring: The rings are fancy, sparkly and pricey!
    • Reality Check #7. If you want that Neil Lane ring, it is only yours if your relationship makes it past the two years mark! 
    • Reality Check 7.5 – those rings are just too expensive in general – gorgeous! But expensive!!