The Mitten State

The Mitten State

I’m not from a place with ocean views, warm weather year round, busy city sidewalks, or the constant sound of taxis lining my downtown streets.  Quite the opposite actually.  As one of the biggest mystery’s for many is how can one possibly endure the freezing temperatures my State has to offer.

Featuring over a hundred lakes, which I would take over an ocean any day (zero tidal waves or shark attacks) – and lets not forget the innumerable green courses for many golf enthusiasts to sink their spikes into.

Michigan does have A LOT (and probably more than you realize) to offer

Within the mitten lies a community, the town I call home, the place that has helped shape me and the location I can simply point to on my mobile, always-available map, that is conveniently attached to my arm.  Jackson, Michigan represents family, friends, special places and most importantly, ‘home.’  I don’t like to say that I am ‘stuck’ in Jackson  because quite frankly the purchase of a ticket at the nation’s oldest continually-operating train station is right down the street from my work and our neighboring cities have multiple airports I can choose from.  Nevertheless, I like to say that I have made a home for myself and I am continuing to make memories in the town that molded me.

Although I am not a fan of snow (anymore) or cold temperatures (let me hibernate under my duvet with a life supply of wine), it comes natural to me, but never seems to get any easier either.  That being said,the four seasons are truly magical.  The weather is ALWAYS unpredictable but the seasons are consistently beautiful (and you don’t have to worry about hurricanes and tornadoes’).

Being in my position, my main goal is to recruit educated healthcare providers to our community hospital and also sell them on the area…which at times can be a scuffle.  Working in the hospital I was actually born in, on a stormy day in September might I add, I feel I have a special connection to not only the hospital but the community as well.  I was born and raised in Jackson and although I moved away for a few years for school, I am right back to where it all started…literally right where I took my first breath.

I have family here, friends here, and I went to school here.  I have had many firsts here and I have learned more than I ever could of imagined here.  I spend time at outdoor markets, attend the downtown car shows, dip into many lakes, walk the trails, indulge in Coney’s and drink lots of beer and wine!  I mean come on; I am living in the State that brews beer like nobody’s business!!

Traveling within the State is always a beautiful sight (aside from the hour-long car rides and motion sickness that follows) – from the Great Lakes, mountains, waterfalls and even to the islands.  You can relax on beaches and pick Petoskey stone treasures, road trip Up North and take in the murals of colorful leaves ready to fall and during the colder season, you can take in the pine trees covered with snow.  There is precisely nothing like the Mitten State in the world.  Two words, Pure Michigan.

Traveling even further, you can enjoy your family vacation and sleep in cabins and cottages or even a campground as you take in the beautiful scenery of Up North Michigan.  Not to mention, The Sleeping Bear Dunes which was named the most beautiful place in America.  The UP is like an entirely different state to take in the natural beauty and even make a stop on Mackinac Island where bikes and horse carriage rides replace motor vehicles and fresh fudge rules greatness.  Picking cherries comes natural to Michiganders and if you have the time and dedication, you can travel to each Michigan lighthouse…120 to be exact, which is more than any other State!  And you can even travel from Hell to Paradise in the same day…I bet your State doesn’t offer that!

Don’t get me wrong – I would love to have a wardrobe like Carrie Bradshaw and walk the busy streets in my stilettos – but let’s be honest, flats are always more comfortable and less crowds are more manageable.  Established in 1829, Jackson, Michigan has incredible history that lies within this city.  From Michigan International Speedway (MIS) to the famous Cascade Falls which are beautifully illuminated waterfalls, to our iconic prison site (once the world’s largest walled prison) to the biggest and booming automobile industry!  Also, now just a few years old, Michigan hosts a 3-day country music festival each July, Faster Horses (est. 2013) that attracts thousands of boot scooting, beer drinking and guitar strumming fans from all over the world.

The list goes on from the universities and sports teams with astonishing heritage, heartwarming fans and lucky sport mascots.  You are never more than six miles away from a body of water whether it be a river, lake (more than 11,000 inland) or one of the Great Lakes

Jackson is Home and will always be.  I grew up here, I went to school here and now I work here.  Of course there are so many other States that have their own personal touches and history to share; however and in my opinion, there is no other State like mine.

Michigan, and the town of Jackson (population of 33K+) is something to appreciate, every single day.




Fall Decor!

Fall Decor!

Oh Fall….how I do love thee!

Why I Love September

  • Birthday Surprises
  • Football
  • DateBoxes
  • Journey to be Healthier/Stronger/Better!
  • Books that didn’t cost me more than $6!!! (and great books at that!)
  • Rose Water & Gold Serum (Thank you #TJMaxx)
  • Food Trucks!
  • Fall Decor (no shame that I decorated the house on August 31st!)
  • TJ Maxx Beauty Section!  Gets me EVERY-TIME!
  • Bowling
  • Meal Prep that is Pretty
  • Peloton Pup!
  • Don’t shame me that Halloween may be up in the office!
  • Tea Parties with the Best!
  • Rose’ All Day!!
  • Fun Signs!
  • New Makeup #colourpop
  • Pretty Pens ~