Thankful for November (and my fav things)

Thankful for November (and my fav things)

  • South Haven for WOW Weekend
  • Model Dogs 🙂
  • Chicago (including the Shameless House!)
  • Tiffany’s! (try on session of $14k ring…not pictured)
  • Thanksgiving (complete with an entire DESSERT station!)
  • Christmas Decorations are officially up…including 2 trees!!!
  • including my Christmas Anxiety!!!
  • The Holidays call for Cabernet all day!
  • Spreading the holiday cheer to our delivery drivers!
  • Gold Flakes – YES PLEASE!
  • Showing off the Fall shoes before its boot socks and winter smocks!!
  • More Christmas décor just because 🙂


Fall Favorites

Fall Favorites

  • Slippers and Wine kind of night
  • Cute, Stacked Pumpkin Decor
  • DIY Fall Front Door Mat
  • Mums
  • StitchFix and the adorable shoes they send me!
  • Happy Mail
  • Fall Accessories!
  • Fall Wreaths
  • Dinner with a view!
  • Little Libraries!
  • Bright Walls in Jackson!!
  • Wine in mini bottles
  • Wine in a cute Halloween glass 🙂
  • Wine that is Rose…and in a cute can 🙂 🙂 (While cooking a dinner delivery box! #everyplate)
  • Fun Stella & Dot pieces…perfect for Fall…and on SALE!
  • Cheering on #michiganstate with the cutest pups around <3
  • Cute Front Porch Décor
  • Home Delivery Meals…once again 🙂
  • CAMP!
  • Celebrating #nationalpastaday
  • Halloween Fun
  • Bathing Beauts
  • When the house smells like Homemade Bread 🙂
  • Pamper me Sunday!
Reads in October!

Reads in October!

Are We There Yet   – Mari Andrew

“Fall is a grieving period. It’s beautiful and magical and has its own dress code, but it’s a season all about loss.  Even if you’re not sad to see summer go, fall is still heartbreaking, especially when rain sings through empty branches and leaves litter on the ground like dusty garnets, waiting to be stuffed in black trash bags.”

Lying in Wait  – Liz Nugent

Tell Me Lies  – Carola Lovering

“Well, time and space give you clarity, and sometimes you don’t realize things until…you do.”


Embraced (100 Devotions)  – Lysa TerKeurst

“To anyone who has ever tried to give love without being embraced in return, I understand.  But that’s exactly why we must know the One who will always fully embrace us and never hold back.  My greatest prayer is that as you read these pages you’ll know even more deeply that you are loved, cherished, and so intimately cared for by your Heavenly Father.”

Don’t focus on the wants entirely and try not to let our thoughts take over – remember, to always, simply enjoy.

Don’t let the challenge of cutting a pineapple stand in your way of learning and growing to be the best You, that you can be.

“Give me understanding and I will obey your instructions; I will put them into practice with all my heart.” – Psalm 119:34 NLT

“A love letter not meant to simply be read…but a love letter meant to be lived.”

“We overprocess the what-ifs and the maybes until we find ourselves standing around a corner listening to see if a cardboard box containing a refrigerator might sneeze.”

Trust gives us wisdom for positive outcomes.

Pretty Mess  – Erika Jayne



Sisterly Love

Sisterly Love

November is National Adoption Awareness Month and also the month my youngest sister celebrates her birthday; but for me, the month of November is the month my life changed forever, thirteen years ago.

Packed up in the car, my family and I set off on a road-trip and on our return back home, we added a person who would permanently join our family.  Although I was not completely, one-hundred percent on board with the idea of adding another person to the family and after a mini breakdown and tiff with my dad – I knew I was overruled and my opinion was not going to change this life changing decision.

My entire life was about to be rocked and turned completely upside down the moment we reached our destination and entered the doors of the adoption agency…or so I thought.

Let me take you back a couple months before this big day…I was upset, angry and against the adoption of a baby sister.  I did not want to have any part in it and I had my mind set that another family could take this child in.  How awful and selfish do I sound right?  Let me remind you, I was 16 – a typical, moody teenager with a ‘tude.’

After time to myself, conversations with my best friend and her family and sitting down with my dad, I eventually came around.  I put my selfishness aside and thought about this little baby girl, who had no home, no family and no where to go.  Something about this entire process struck my heart and I did a complete 180.

One week leading up to the day we would pick-up our baby sister, I secretly planned a baby shower (with all of my closest girlfriends waiting in our home with decorations, cake and gifts for us to come home with our new sister), picked out her ‘coming home’ outfit and honestly continued to take my big sister duties seriously.

The day came and all I can remember is holding Sonny Olivia in my arms and never wanting to let her go.  I touched her little hand and watched her grab onto my finger – I never wanted to let go.  My life changed as a sixteen year old instantly.  I loved caring for Sonny when she cried, I changed many diapers and enjoyed the fun in bath time.  We bonded, especially when my girlfriends came over – who would of thought hanging with a baby at the age of sixteen was so entertaining!

It is crazy at times having a 16 year age gap because I know I act more like a mother than that fun sister who will act all silly.  Let me tell you, there is nothing strange about having an adopted sister – we bicker just as my biological siblings would, we cry, but most importantly, we love, unconditionally.  Lucky for me, I didn’t ever experience her stealing my clothes – thanks to that large age gap 🙂

As we acknowledge Adoption Month and Sonny Olivia’s 13th birthday I want to express my unconditional love for this little girl.  Having Sonny as my sister has taught me a lot.  It has reminded me that love is truly wholehearted.  Sonny introduced me to the importance of patience.  We may not have come from the same biological parents or have the same color skin but that doesn’t matter.  What matters is Sonny as a family and has honestly made our family complete.

She may be a pain in the butt little sister at times, but she is my sister, simply put.  And I would never change a thing.

Happy 13th Birthday Sonny Bunny, I love you! <3