December Favorites

December Favorites <3


  • Dogs in Slippers
  • New Home Decor, courtesy of Sams Club!
  • Christmas Pups!
  • TJ Maxx Decor that is made for ME!
  • Studded Leggings
  • Bible Study!
  • Packages and Packages and more Packages!
  • Leopard – rawr!
  • Hilarious Onesies ūüôā
  • Winter Candles!
  • Bows and Pretty Doormats
  • Wrapping Gangster!
  • Black and White Beauty
  • Cozy Cuddles
  • FabFitFun (Winter Addition)
  • Olay Masks
  • Netflix and Chill…with the dogs ūüôā
  • TJ Maxx Sweet-Tooth finds!
  • White Nails Oh My
  • NYX Butter Gloss
  • Quotes that keep me going!!
  • Stitch Fix
  • and Jingle All the Way!
  • New Coffee Shops in town!
  • Snowflake Sweaters.
  • Sleigh Rides with no snow…but with the one I love <3
  • Clark Griswold…
  • Pretty, Little notebooks…I’m ready for 2019!
  • Leopard all the way!


The Winter Box is HERE!

The Winter Box is HERE!

Just in time for the holidays – this winter box has all of the fixes for this holiday season!

Call it a secret club, your guilty pleasure or your quarterly splurge…you don’t have to have an excuse for me!¬†¬†I have cleared space on my shelves¬†for these exclusive deals and my life is happier the moment this box has arrived!

Let’s just jump on into the box!!¬† This month’s total, not including my extra for the month¬†of the cutest champagne socks was $366!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So without further ado, let’s get started ūüôā

  • Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw – I received mine in Gray/Ivory and this might be the most cozy, woven throw I have ever received!¬† The extra stripe design feature and cool fringe detailing gives it something extra special too!¬† $49
  • BearPaw Combo Set: Headband and Pop-Top Glove Duo – Ultra soft and boy are these super soft!¬† Sherpa lined and all I am wishing for Christmas is snow so I can wear these!!¬† $45
  • Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo – I will always be a fan of Oribe and the scent, just not the price!¬† Love this product!!! $44
  • LeLe Sadoughi Silver Circle Necklace – What a statement! $49
  • PUR Be Your Selfie Palette – Everyone loves a new palette!¬† So many great shadows to create endless looks! $36
  • Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Meringue – I am sometimes skeptical on the colors monthly boxes send, but this Meringue is beautiful!¬† And so hydrating! $26
  • Way of Will Elevate Essential Oil Set: Sweet Orange & Eucalyptus Oil – With two diffusers (one at work and one in the bedroom), I was so excited for these products!¬† Plus the orange works well with headaches and migraines and I add to my bedroom diffuser each night to relax me as I go to bed.¬† Never been a fan of eucalyptus in the past, I must say this oil is not too overwhelming and pairs nicely with other oils making it a nice and calming oil to relax to! $31
  • Thrive Causemetics Brilliant Eye Brightener in “Stella” – So easy to apply and such a beautiful highlighter! $24
  • AHAVA Hydration Cream Mask – I am always hesitate on using a new mask but have always heard the raves of AHAVA products and can’t wait to use this!¬† This one in particular because it can be used as a 3-minute hydration boost mask or an overnight sleeping mask – how cool! $33
  • BLAQ Hydrogel Eye Mask with Hyaluronic Acid – we all need and search for the right under-eye area de-puffy and/or de-swollen masks!¬† Can’t wait to try these out!! $29


Love you Muchly,

Gift Guide | Christmas 2018

Gift Guide | Christmas 2018


Grab the wrapping paper because I have created your 2018 gift guide to make your shopping experience easier, less stressful and of course all doable from the comfort of your couch Рglass of wine in hand!  Are you a white kind of girl or red??

It’s that time to finish decorating the tree, hang the stocking and most importantly, shop for those important people on your Christmas list. ¬†But is one thing holding you back – you don’t even know where to start!? ¬†From the kindergardeners to the teenager to your significant other to your parents and let’s not forget about the siblings…

Each year seems more and more difficult to outdo the last year – so let’s get started, there are only a few days left before Christmas!


For Him:

  • Remote Car Starter – if you live in the North, you can appreciate a warm car anytime between November and April. Trust me, this remote car starter was the topping on Scott’s list this year! ¬†It came a bit early but the below freezing temperatures made us do it! ¬†Thanks Mr. Tunes of Ann Arbor!
  • Clothes and more Clothes – Maybe your significant other needs more clothes – not that Scott does, but I still find myself, every year, getting him some sort of clothing. ¬†This year, North Face and Under Armour came through with their activewear tops and sweatshirts – Check please!
  • Massage – Does your significant other beg you to rub their feet – constantly? ¬†Coming from beauty school, you think it wouldn’t bother me… ¬†Not to say it necessarily bothers me, but to do it every single night – that is a hand cramp waiting to happen! ¬†Thanks Amazon…I found the perfect fix; the foot massager roller!! ¬†Let’s just see if it gets the job done. ¬†Plus, it is the perfect size for his stocking!¬†
  • Candy – It’s simply the perfect stocking stuffer, especially for the one who has a huge sweet tooth! ¬†Why not spoil him like it’s Halloween!¬†
  • Hand Warmers – For a Northern Hunter, just like a toasty car before you drive to your destination, only a hunter can appreciate these hand-warmers (and feet warmers) while baring the cold while searching for the perfect-sized buck!¬†
  • Dive Bar Shirt Club – This has been on Scott’s list for awhile now and I finally caved – again, got more clothes! ¬†Prepaid memberships are ideal for gifts and I am sure this 3-month subscription will put a smile on his face – and of course a shirt on his back! The first shirt is shipped to the purchaser and if you choose a prepaid membership (3 months for $69) the additional two shirts will be shipped to the receiver! ¬†¬†
  • Birchbox for Men – Even though these sample items come in a decorative box – they are the perfect stocking stuffers and also perfect for vacations and Scott’s gym back! ¬†The perfect beauty, yet manly products!
  • Random Stocking Stuffers – Favorite Lotion, Burts Bee Chap Stick, Elk Poop Candy (LOL), Camo Socks and other Favorite Candies.

For the Kids:

If you are like me, there are several kids on your list to buy for Рand each year, it seems more of a challenge because their favorite toy may be collecting dust in the closet while a new toy has stolen their love.  Not a huge fan of toys РI went more on the educational side, especially crafts!  Call me a boring Aunt and sister but I think these gifts are perfect for the busy bodies!

  • 2 – 5 years old: ¬†I have two special people who are 5 and under and although they are brother and sister and may have their disagreements – they do like to do things together. ¬†Perfect, crafts! ¬†I got this awesome DIY kit for the both of them to share – I am sure we will have a DIY day with Aunt Meaghan and her craftiness – but this is something fun that the kids will enjoy creating on their own! ¬†Check out the create your own puppet here: ¬†
  • The Big One: ¬†Babies and one year olds seem to be a challenge – because number one, they won’t remember this young what each person bought them and 2, they are growing so fast that baby toys won’t necessarily last another two months after receiving. ¬†Well, since they are growing, I know they can always use clothes – more comfy – pajamas! ¬†Target had the cutest Burts Bee pajama sets for boys that I had to pick a pair up! ¬†And of course, I paired the outfit with a book – tear free!¬†
  • Books! ¬†I love books and growing up, I loved when someone would read me books, over and over. ¬†For each of the gifts above, I paired a book along with it ūüôā
  • For the Newborns: ¬†Again, as I mentioned that these babies will not remember who got them what as they get older – and the fact that they probably have enough toys is an understatement – thanks to my Cricut, and my craftiness, I can’t wait to show off a few onesies for two of my closest friends! ¬†No pictures – in case they sneak a peek! Muahah
  • The Teenager: ¬†Where to begin is the big question!? ¬†Since my youngest sister just turned 13, why not introduce makeup and the most minimal at that if possible! ¬†Forever21 and Ulta had the perfect ‘starter’ kits that had the essentials and would not be overwhelming or too much – great, I snagged up a few sets! ¬†Also, who doesn’t like an LED box – change it up to have it say what you want! ¬†It’s like an open diary, but just prettier and more limited. ¬†I also threw in the biggest comeback of the year – scrunchies!

For the Moms:

  • Jewelry: ¬†Stella & Dot came out with the most adorable and delicate piece, perfect and made only for Moms. ¬†Thanks for the easy find, I know I will put a smile on the very important mommas in my life! ¬†
  • For the wine lover: ¬†Wine is always a nice addition! ¬†Simple – purchase a bottle of wine and place it in an adorable wine bag! ¬†Done & Enjoy!! ¬†Another great gift – custom made wine glasses! ¬†I found these perfect mother and daughter wine glasses in South Haven but couldn’t fathom the price – so thanks again to my handy dandy Cricut – I have the perfect gift for my mom this year!
  • For the puzzle piecer: ¬†My mom loves doing puzzles – and I am pretty sure she would quit her job and just work on puzzles every single day if she could. ¬†Another thing she is obsessed over is her dog – perfect combination. ¬†A puzzle of her fur baby!

For the Siblings:

  • Ornaments – traveling to Frankenmuth for the first time ever this year, I of course had to make a pit-stop at the world’s largest Christmas store – Bronners! ¬†While there this Summer, I picked up some awesome ornaments for my two sisters – which will most likely be up year round because they are perfect for them!
  • Clothing – You can never go wrong with clothing; especially when you have a brother who loves comfy sweatshirts and a sister who loves graphic tees. ¬†Thanks to Forever21 and TJ, I got the best for both of them – and not to mention, quite affordable!
  • The Bath Taker – My other sister loves to take baths and she probably has every bath pillow, wine holder and bath bomb you could think of. ¬†Changing it up a bit, Ulta had this great bath set, with an eye mask included. ¬†I know she will use this and it was the perfect, pre-made gift – Thanks Ulta!
  • Dog Dad – My brother is obsessed with his fur-baby – but then again, aren’t we all!? ¬†Check out this awesome Amazon find! ¬†

For the Fur Babies:

Yes…the dogs were spoiled! ¬†Don’t Judge! ūüôā


For the Dads:


I hope these gift ideas spark an idea for the loved ones on your list!  Let the shopping begin!

Love you muchly <3