Wheels up – because I just vacationed in Mexico for the 3rd time!

My once a year, tropical vacation, occurs every February and it is one that as soon as that ball drops on New Years I am in full countdown mode.  The past two years, it has just my boyfriend and I which was a much needed time away from home and reality; however, this year, we had two additions join us, my mom and step-dad.  Back to the same resort, for the third time, I couldn’t wait to have my family enjoy a week away in the warmth, sunshine and of course with an umbrella drink in hand.

If you have never been to Mexico and if you find yourself skeptical because of the horror stories you have heard, let me tell you my personal take.  Three years ago, I went to Mexico for the very first time, and actually, this was my first time out of the country EVER so to say I was nervous was an understatement.  With that, I can tell you 100% that I feel completely safe at the resort we stay at – Iberostar in Riviera Maya.  Of course flying international, waiting through the long lines in customs and taking in the views as the bus takes you to your destination can seem intimidating – but remember, protocols are for your safety and those residing in that country as we enter and visit a country that is not ours.

Now for the resort.  Iberostar has been by far, the most beautiful resort, most welcoming and friendly staff and an extremely clean environment.  Honestly, the staff make my vacation every year – without their hard-work, dedication and welcoming smiles and personalities, I am not sure I would have as much fun.  From the housekeepers to the lawn care to the check-in staff to the bartenders, I treat all of them as I would want to be treated but most of all, they treat you with the up-most respect.

Without further ado, let’s take a trip down memory lane from our February vacation!


Mexico Looks

Definitely traded in my winter parka and boots for short shorts and flip flops!


Aside from a Star Camp for kids and a 2-story all glass gym (both not pictured), Iberostar has the most gorgeous views and walks – not to mention a casino too!

Mexican Traditions 

The View 


Love you Muchly,