Love Story

Love Story

If you would have asked me in high-school how my life would pan out, I would have had it all figured out…or so I would have thought.  We all walk our own path.  We all have a different story.  And most of all, we have different needs – that tend to change as we mature and get older.

Let’s go back to 2003 when I was all butterflies for my high school romance and was lost in love…

High School Relationships 101

They don’t last, and that’s okay!

Of course I thought me and my high-school sweetie would last.  I constantly added clippings to my wedding binder and practiced my future last name.  Don’t judge, you know we all have done it!!

Of course when it was good, it was really good.  But when it was bad, it wasn’t healthy for anyone involved.  We were so young when we met and had many ups and downs.  Our relationship was launched by powerful and exciting experiences.  There was no doubting that we were ‘in-love’ through our crazy teenage years.

But as guessed, the lovey-dovey feeling wears off as a teenager.  Those years are so crucial and are mingled in so many different emotions.  Acceptance.  Drama.  Relationships.  Friendships.

After living a real-life soap opera of break ups and make ups, my seven year itch ended.  The loyalty to build on our love was hard work and strenuous to keep up with.  As soon as I was able to move on, that particular journey made me feel alive again.

I rode the high tide of youthful love.  Built up on big feelings and messy drama.  And thank goodness I had friends to catch me when I fell…and more than once.  Even though the love did not survive, the capability and perception did.  There was no more of me hiding in a turtle shell of high-school fantasies.

I adored.  I developed.  I rode the constant sea of waves and learned to roll solo for some time.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Next Chapter – it’s true.  Everything does happen for a reason.  Even though I would have never believed this statement in the past, I can stand true to the meaning now.

Fairytales, princesses, prince charming’s – these stories have appeared in our story times, our dreams and our movie nights. Generations are sketched of happily ever afters’ and Disney Classics set the benchmark.  We constantly wait for prince charming to suddenly appear and we immediately settle.  This princess persona has turned into the new status quo.  Sorry to bust your bubble but you may want to take a different route…

I can tell you firsthand that waiting and waiting for prince charming is something special.  Don’t settle.  Wait if you want to wait.  I guarantee he or she is out there.

My love story…is not your ‘normal’ situation as some would say.  What seemed impossible to others, seemed quite impossible in the beginning, and even I thought so.  But after giving up preconceived notions (which was not easy) of what life was supposed to look like and the plans that I had for myself…all those negative ideas I once had about love just started to disappear.

NO ONE expected this love.  Trust me, I didn’t even expect this love because it came my way when I was not even looking!  This wasn’t even the love I dreamt of.

This love surprised me.  But It forced me to never look back.

Enter Him. <3

God has a plan for everyone and truly, love never fails.  This new love is a representation of my own fairy-tale, the happy, butterfly feeling one, with tons of puppies running around.  He came into my life for a reason and we took a HUUUUGE leap of faith together.  The two of us (and of course Lou and Tucker) created a new life which is absolutely magnificent.  My joyous life tucked away in a small town feels pretty good.

Sometimes love can find you in the least likely place we would ever expect it and boy did this love sweep me off my feet.  And sometimes, we just need that someone to catch us when we sweep.

Just ask yourself, is this love a season, a reason or a lifetime…


Love you Muchly,

Living the Next Chapter

Living the Next Chapter

As I pick-up four more books for my 2019 reading challenge…what better time to talk about YOUR life chapters.  There is no better time than the future to turn the page…

Are you living in the moment but find yourself afraid to turn the page?  Staring endlessly attempting to figure out the happy ending?  Why?  What is holding you back?  The princess fairytale crystal ball life you have imagined and have programed into your mind is nowhere near to your current situation?  Don’t let that hold you back – there is, spoiler alert, no fairytale and no schedule to follow.  God has a plan for all of us – and sometimes, it’s not like you have dreamt it your entire teenage years and young adulthood.

Real talk here.  A few years ago, I was hesitant to advance to the next chapter.  I was so focused on the end goal and my own pre-calculated happy ending that I spent much of my time and energy forcing the final conclusion to the surface instead of allowing the chapters to fall into place.  All my friends were dating, engaged, purchasing their first homes, planning their weddings and hoping for children soon after.  For me, I was still living my twenty something life – coming home to my dog Lou and living off boxed wine and Ramen noodles…

I felt empty.  I felt alone.  I felt I was not on the right track.

I had lost my bookmark.


In all of this, I honestly wanted to skim the plot twist (insert dramatic scene here).  During this time, it was difficult for me the grasp the idea of what my future had planned for me.  Was something hidden in-between the lines of my current chapter that I kept missing?  What was my purpose if everyone else was buying houses with their significant other and planning vacations together?  I was anxious to turn the page and quite frankly, I was not thinking very highly of myself.  It was hard to believe that God did have a wonderful plan for me.

The realization that everyone was dating someone, celebrating their wedding, receiving a surprise engagement or announcing their first child to the world was like a knife twisting in my heart.  Not because I wasn’t happy for them, I was over the moon for their milestones – but I was entering my mid-twenties with none of the above.  But guess what, you can always paint the grass is greener picture.  Your life is just as important and special.  Careers, blogs, awards, yada yada – it all means something and you deserve to show it off, even if that means you are on an entirely different chapter than the rest of them.

Two words.  Move on.

Move on from what you have dreamed and imagined and design your own chapter.  Each new day is a new page in your book, a fresh start, a blank canvas.

There are several paths to take in your story and God has a plan for every single one of us.  Be a believer, just as I became.  Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to feel stuck in a rut while you see everyone else advancing.  Think positive and write down a list of what you are achieving and gloat over that damn list – hell, frame it and put it on your refrigerator, do whatever you have to do to remind yourself of your life creations.  Just because your friends are getting married and having babies, doesn’t mean it is your time for that.  Instead, spoil yourself over that promotion or congratulate yourself on purchasing your first home, solo!  These are your accomplishments and life advances, so be very proud of them.

Now, I have a story worth sharing.  The past chapters shaped my experiences that were some of the most difficult times of my life, but in the end, my story makes one hell of a great story.

If you continue to make your life a calming read, we are all guaranteed a happy ending in our own book.  It’s your story, so don’t get obsessed with the status quo.

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Love you Muchly,

Overworked, Overdo and Oversensitive

Overworked, Overdo and Oversensitive

Long sigh…

We have all had those mornings…rushing out the door, two different colored socks, swipe the pole in the garage, stomach growling, hangry, forgot to put jewelry on, skipped the deo…

The truth of overworking ourselves to the ground has scary consequences if we don’t stop for a moment.  Take a few extra seconds, for yourself, and make small changes to help promote a better work-life equilibrium.

Start with making your bed.  Admiral William H. McRaven said it best – and if you have no idea what I am talking about, head on over to Barnes & Noble or even your Library and pick up, Make Your Bed:  Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe The World.  I am telling you, this book will change your perspective on life and open your eyes.  When we start in the mornings, we can better manage our day – but first, start with making your bed.  You will see the impact this will have on the remainder of your day.

If you consider yourself a workaholic, that is great, BUT, you have to insert some sort of balance.  And if you can’t squeeze ‘me time’ into your day, then maybe it’s time to leave for greener pastures.

There is too much pressure on how life will turn out, the amount of money one can bring home and the social media presence.  And we feel ourselves stuck in a hamster wheel with a need for coffee because there is just simply not enough time in the day to cross off your entire to-do list.

So listen…

Stop putting such high expectations from day-to-day.  Don’t add more caffeine to your stress extent.  Take a step back, or an entire jump.

Heal, Rest, Be, Wait.

You can still conquer your day, your work week and your life without pushing yourself and without working yourself into the ground.  Seriously, if you keep going you are going to need a steel helmet to protect yourself.  Regardless of bills, invoices, piling emails, contracts to be signed, offices to clean and meetings to attend…it is not mandatory to spill your personal journey in the midst of all this cluttered behavior.

No ones job will every validate them.  So slow down and get off that wheel.  Start with the hardest point, stop believing your job is your identity and subconsciously, don’t starve for more when it quite frankly does not exist.

Be You.  And Be Damn Good At It – with lots of me time scheduled in your daily planner.



Love you Muchly,


2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge

I did it!  With a goal of 50 books, I ended up reading a total of 54 books during 2018!

Check out my reads here:


Love you Muchly,

Don’t be a Lady, Be a Legend

Don’t be a Lady, Be a Legend

“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” – Michelle Obama

“I always wanted to be a femme fatale.  Even when I was a young girl, I never really wanted to be a girl.  I wanted to be a woman.”  – Diane von Furstenberg

“I am a woman with thoughts and questions and shit to say.  I say if I’m beautiful.  I say if I’m strong.  You will not determine my story – I will.”  – Amy Schumer

“Find out who you are and be that person.  That’s what your soul was put on this Earth to be.  Find that truth, live that truth, and everything else will come.”  – Ellen DeGeneres

Whoa!  That’s a whole lot of power right there…and there’s even more where that came from!!  Making a difference in the lives of daughters, sisters and mothers around the world is so damn powerful and we can all make a statement.

Around the world, I wish more females felt empowered.  I wish they realized that by helping another woman, being their number one cheerleader, and believing in her is a sense of selflessness, and that’s okay.  Sharing support to other women does not take your own blessings away, if anything, the more you give, the more you receive.

My life was not exactly perfect – but it made me who I am today and made me an even more empathetic person.  So no, I would never change anything in my life, including how it is turning out.  I was always a motivated person, but it took an extra spark of hope for me to come into my own potential.  I suppose I was a bit insecure and had a crazy itch to be loved – but I gained the confidence I needed so I can now share that faith with others.

Be. Here.

Women have the power to decide what the future will be.  Actually, we have so much power.  The power to support, the power to help, the power to change and the power to choose.

When you can stand tall and empower women with the things you do every single day, reminding yourself that your purpose must remain pure, you are a female super hero.  Just remember to be mindful.  Why?  Because we can change the world.

Happy International Women’s Day!



Grab your ‘Don’t be a Lady, Be a Legend’ tee-shirt HERE


Let’s continue empowering and supporting women all over the world!  We are amazing creatures that deserve to be heard. <3


Love you Muchly,