Long sigh…

We have all had those mornings…rushing out the door, two different colored socks, swipe the pole in the garage, stomach growling, hangry, forgot to put jewelry on, skipped the deo…

The truth of overworking ourselves to the ground has scary consequences if we don’t stop for a moment.  Take a few extra seconds, for yourself, and make small changes to help promote a better work-life equilibrium.

Start with making your bed.  Admiral William H. McRaven said it best – and if you have no idea what I am talking about, head on over to Barnes & Noble or even your Library and pick up, Make Your Bed:  Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe The World.  I am telling you, this book will change your perspective on life and open your eyes.  When we start in the mornings, we can better manage our day – but first, start with making your bed.  You will see the impact this will have on the remainder of your day.

If you consider yourself a workaholic, that is great, BUT, you have to insert some sort of balance.  And if you can’t squeeze ‘me time’ into your day, then maybe it’s time to leave for greener pastures.

There is too much pressure on how life will turn out, the amount of money one can bring home and the social media presence.  And we feel ourselves stuck in a hamster wheel with a need for coffee because there is just simply not enough time in the day to cross off your entire to-do list.

So listen…

Stop putting such high expectations from day-to-day.  Don’t add more caffeine to your stress extent.  Take a step back, or an entire jump.

Heal, Rest, Be, Wait.

You can still conquer your day, your work week and your life without pushing yourself and without working yourself into the ground.  Seriously, if you keep going you are going to need a steel helmet to protect yourself.  Regardless of bills, invoices, piling emails, contracts to be signed, offices to clean and meetings to attend…it is not mandatory to spill your personal journey in the midst of all this cluttered behavior.

No ones job will every validate them.  So slow down and get off that wheel.  Start with the hardest point, stop believing your job is your identity and subconsciously, don’t starve for more when it quite frankly does not exist.

Be You.  And Be Damn Good At It – with lots of me time scheduled in your daily planner.



Love you Muchly,