If you would have asked me in high-school how my life would pan out, I would have had it all figured out…or so I would have thought.  We all walk our own path.  We all have a different story.  And most of all, we have different needs – that tend to change as we mature and get older.

Let’s go back to 2003 when I was all butterflies for my high school romance and was lost in love…

High School Relationships 101

They don’t last, and that’s okay!

Of course I thought me and my high-school sweetie would last.  I constantly added clippings to my wedding binder and practiced my future last name.  Don’t judge, you know we all have done it!!

Of course when it was good, it was really good.  But when it was bad, it wasn’t healthy for anyone involved.  We were so young when we met and had many ups and downs.  Our relationship was launched by powerful and exciting experiences.  There was no doubting that we were ‘in-love’ through our crazy teenage years.

But as guessed, the lovey-dovey feeling wears off as a teenager.  Those years are so crucial and are mingled in so many different emotions.  Acceptance.  Drama.  Relationships.  Friendships.

After living a real-life soap opera of break ups and make ups, my seven year itch ended.  The loyalty to build on our love was hard work and strenuous to keep up with.  As soon as I was able to move on, that particular journey made me feel alive again.

I rode the high tide of youthful love.  Built up on big feelings and messy drama.  And thank goodness I had friends to catch me when I fell…and more than once.  Even though the love did not survive, the capability and perception did.  There was no more of me hiding in a turtle shell of high-school fantasies.

I adored.  I developed.  I rode the constant sea of waves and learned to roll solo for some time.

Everything Happens for a Reason

Next Chapter – it’s true.  Everything does happen for a reason.  Even though I would have never believed this statement in the past, I can stand true to the meaning now.

Fairytales, princesses, prince charming’s – these stories have appeared in our story times, our dreams and our movie nights. Generations are sketched of happily ever afters’ and Disney Classics set the benchmark.  We constantly wait for prince charming to suddenly appear and we immediately settle.  This princess persona has turned into the new status quo.  Sorry to bust your bubble but you may want to take a different route…

I can tell you firsthand that waiting and waiting for prince charming is something special.  Don’t settle.  Wait if you want to wait.  I guarantee he or she is out there.

My love story…is not your ‘normal’ situation as some would say.  What seemed impossible to others, seemed quite impossible in the beginning, and even I thought so.  But after giving up preconceived notions (which was not easy) of what life was supposed to look like and the plans that I had for myself…all those negative ideas I once had about love just started to disappear.

NO ONE expected this love.  Trust me, I didn’t even expect this love because it came my way when I was not even looking!  This wasn’t even the love I dreamt of.

This love surprised me.  But It forced me to never look back.

Enter Him. <3

God has a plan for everyone and truly, love never fails.  This new love is a representation of my own fairy-tale, the happy, butterfly feeling one, with tons of puppies running around.  He came into my life for a reason and we took a HUUUUGE leap of faith together.  The two of us (and of course Lou and Tucker) created a new life which is absolutely magnificent.  My joyous life tucked away in a small town feels pretty good.

Sometimes love can find you in the least likely place we would ever expect it and boy did this love sweep me off my feet.  And sometimes, we just need that someone to catch us when we sweep.

Just ask yourself, is this love a season, a reason or a lifetime…


Love you Muchly,