Life Seasons

Life Seasons

With a new season upon us, and warmer weather basically here, why not spark up our own life seasons!  As it is said that Fall is America’s favorite season – I beg to differ…

Are you the type that likes to bundle up and snowboard down a bunny hill?  How about the type that loves to watch the leaves change, dress up and knock on neighbor’s doors for candy?  My favorite always is Spring and Summer, especially in Michigan.  Give me heat, sunshine and longer days!!

Just like I shared in my ‘Living the Next Chapter’ post, all of our lives have different seasons and we all experience them differently.  So, what season of life are you in?

Are you tempted to complain about the season?  Left exhausted, tired and not inspired?  Or are you sparked with instant gratification?  Seasons are precisely where we start to create the real stories.

Fast forward and place yourself in your future shoes, whether those be work boots, stilettos or flats!  Whatever society was whispering in your ear back then puts you in the same ol’ boat as everyone else.  But God gives us the ability to create our unique story – designed specifically for you.

Have you ever been faced with a journey?  On the road that feels exhausting?  Is that season well-defined?

Whether it be spring, summer, autumn or winter, we should embrace our season of life.  “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven,” (Eccl. 3:1).  Graduation, the birth of your first child, celebrating an anniversary – we all experience certain things at certain times.

God plants these seasons and he is determined that we will know exactly what to do.  With hope, tears and a lot of laughter, we all successfully transition through life seasons and He always shows up, knowing our capacity and our limits.

From the Dry Season, to the Waiting Season, to the Grinding Season to the Tests and Trials Season and even the Spiritual Warfare Season…we have all been there at one point.  We all shift through the process and like anything, ‘this too shall pass.’


Love you Muchly,


Reading Challenge 2019

Reading Challenge 2019

In the past, you had to force me to pick up a book and read the entire title.  As a child, our mother took us into the library and we each got our own library card.  At least once a month, our mother would take us in, with a cloth bag in hand and allow us to check out books to bring home.  Now, as a child, this is fascinating, to walk into a beautiful building full of books…but picture books of course!  As I got older, I despised reading and even better, my high-school had a book requirement that had to be completed prior to graduation…oh the joy.

Now, I can’t stop reading.  I can’t stop judging a book by it’s cover.  And I can’t stop purchasing books!  I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I could read all day long!  Lunch break, okay, let me grab my book.  A sunny weekend, you can find me on the patio with a book in hand.  Airplane ride to somewhere, books packed.  Beach reading, my favorite!

So, never being good with new year resolutions, I started in 2018 with a big one!  January 1, 2018 – I challenged myself to read 50 books.  I exceeded that by reading just four over.  So with a new year here, my 2019 goal is to read 65 books!  Let’s see if I can exceed this list too!

During the next nine months of 2019, I will share all of the books I devour in.  It’s not always easy to imagine the titles that deem surprising, but I will do my best to share my favorites with all of you.  Now for the books that I just can’t finish…those will not be included on my list.  If I have a goal to read 65 books, I have to read 65 books from start to finish.  So if there is a book that I just can’t get into by the 7th chapter, I toss it.

I hope you enjoy and are inspired!  And if you have favorites, please share in the comments – I am always looking for new books to read!

You can also track my reading on the Goodreads app.  You can search me by name, ‘Meaghan.’


Love you Muchly,

The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding by Jennifer Robson

Ok, the first book of the year has already touched my heart and became my favorite book yet!  If you are anything like me – obsessed with the royals and anything fashion – you need this book!  Take a stroll back in time and vision the sewing room where the Queens’ wedding dress was created – by hand!

Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan

Since it was still winter when I read this, why not grab a book with ‘beach’ in the title!  This was not my favorite, unfortunately, but I forced myself to read the entire book.  Characters Anna, her father and family friend Dexter are involved in a mystery and Anna must work to see where her father may have vanished.

The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner

I am not sure what it is when it comes to prison originals but I was gravitated towards Orange is the New Black and any prison show that Netflix had to offer.  So when I found this book, with a female charged with two consecutive life sentences, why not dig into this story on survival and violence!

Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker

I love a good thriller and when it involves two missing sisters and a twisted family secret, I can’t pass it up!  Page-turner and quick read!  Find out what happened to Emma and Cass in this one-of-a-kind kidnapping and betrayal story!

We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

My one vacation read of 2019!  And boy was it a page turner!  I don’t even know where to start with this story and not give anything away!  A beautiful family, full of secrets and one damaged girl.  So many lies.  But where does the truth lie?

Bring me Back by B.A. Paris

I told you I like a suspenseful thriller!  Boyfriend and girlfriend take off on vacation – but only one comes back home, or so we thought!  Say no more, just go grab this book!

How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

Alright, I finished this book in less than 24-hours!  Grab this book if you want to feel all the butterflies of an unforgettable love story and finding joy.  Suddenly, on such a happy day, it all turned badly and Margaret must figure out what her new future looks like.

The Perfect Mother by Nina Darnton

Remember Amanda Knox who spent almost four years in an Italian prison?  Well, this story is very similar!  On day 2, I finished this book – I just could not put it down!  See how far a mother will go to protect her daughter!

The More of Less by Joshua Becker


Fashion Focus

Fashion Focus

Welcome to a Month in My Closet!!

March welcomes Spring but in Michigan, you are never certain on when Spring is going to make it’s sunny debut!

With that, my style looks are mainly consisting of comfort and heavy!  With having to bust out my winter coat this morning, I just want to stay home in my robe until the warm weather comes out to play!  Did you say Netflix and Chill??

In this month’s round-up, cozy sweaters, super soft and stripe details are a hit!


Love you Muchly,

Fashion Focus

Fashion Focus

It’s February!

With vacation in the midst of the month, my wardrobe went from bundled up to bright and fun!



Love you Muchly,