With a new season upon us, and warmer weather basically here, why not spark up our own life seasons!  As it is said that Fall is America’s favorite season – I beg to differ…

Are you the type that likes to bundle up and snowboard down a bunny hill?  How about the type that loves to watch the leaves change, dress up and knock on neighbor’s doors for candy?  My favorite always is Spring and Summer, especially in Michigan.  Give me heat, sunshine and longer days!!

Just like I shared in my ‘Living the Next Chapter’ post, all of our lives have different seasons and we all experience them differently.  So, what season of life are you in?

Are you tempted to complain about the season?  Left exhausted, tired and not inspired?  Or are you sparked with instant gratification?  Seasons are precisely where we start to create the real stories.

Fast forward and place yourself in your future shoes, whether those be work boots, stilettos or flats!  Whatever society was whispering in your ear back then puts you in the same ol’ boat as everyone else.  But God gives us the ability to create our unique story – designed specifically for you.

Have you ever been faced with a journey?  On the road that feels exhausting?  Is that season well-defined?

Whether it be spring, summer, autumn or winter, we should embrace our season of life.  “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven,” (Eccl. 3:1).  Graduation, the birth of your first child, celebrating an anniversary – we all experience certain things at certain times.

God plants these seasons and he is determined that we will know exactly what to do.  With hope, tears and a lot of laughter, we all successfully transition through life seasons and He always shows up, knowing our capacity and our limits.

From the Dry Season, to the Waiting Season, to the Grinding Season to the Tests and Trials Season and even the Spiritual Warfare Season…we have all been there at one point.  We all shift through the process and like anything, ‘this too shall pass.’


Love you Muchly,